Map-quest3 to quest4

Map from Tyrah's Workshop to Shattered Caverns


You will have to do some travelling this time.

The shattered caverns are located to the southwest (refer to the map).

Screen Shot 2011-12-07 at 12.43.04 AM

Shattered Caverns entrance

Once you reach the caverns, you will have to navigate the Earth Tremors, which can be challenging (see tips on the Earth Tremor page).

Your goal is to reach the Deadly Looking Water in the middle of the twisting path through the caves. Don't worry, it's not a maze. There's really only one way through. The one place where you have to go around a large column of rock is actually the center and your goal. The water can be seen to your left, but it's not neccessary to look. Once you go beyond this room, you will have finished this quest.

Flavor TextEdit

"Tyrah: Large green crystals and toxic water? Strange... there should still be an exit to the north if you keep going through the cave... just be careful..."

"Tyrah: The forest I planted has grown out of control, make your way to the center, near the pond, and tell me what you see."


Access Quest 5: Find the grove at the center of Whisper Hollow