Quests should be listed here by the text that appears on the game HUD. Each quest should have its own page describing how to start the quest, what must be done, and what is awarded (usually the reward will simply be progression to the next quest).

List of Known Quests:

  1. Find Tyrah's Workshop in the basecamp and walk inside
  2. Collect a Red, Yellow, and Orange Crystal
  3. Return to Tyrah's Workshop and use the crafting platform to make a flare
  4. Investigate the center of the Shattered Cavern
  5. Find the grove at the center of Whisper Hollow
  6. Climb to the summit of Banshee Peak
  7. Climb to the summit of Tyrah's Peak
  8. Navigate down to the bottom of Devil's Canyon, near the water's edge
  9. Walk the docks at Dark Moon Bay
  10. Climb to the top of the Sun Spire
  11. Return to Tyrah's Workshop to share your findings
  12. Collect 10 red, 5 yellow, and 5 orange crystals
  13. Go to the eastern shore and fire the yellow cannon
  14. Collect 15 yellow, 7 red, and 7 orange crystals
  15. Go to Dark Moon Bay (southern shore) and fire the blue cannon (reward: 5 lindens)
  16. Collect crystals for the third charge
  17. Fire the third cannon
  18. Colect crystals for the fourth charge
  19. Fire the fourth cannon
  20. Collect a blue crystal
  21. Collect crystals to help rebuild the portal (this is the final quest and goes on for as long as you like. Apparently there is no limit to how many parts the portal requires)