Climb to the summit of Banshee PeakClimb to the summit of Tyrah's PeakClimb to the top of the Sun Spire
Collect 10 red crystals, 5 yellow crystals, and 5 orange crystalsCollect 15 yellow, 7 red and 7 orange crystalsCollect a Red, Yellow, and Orange Crystal
CrystalsDevil's CanyonEarth Tremor
Evolving StarFind Tyrah's Workshop in the basecamp and walk insideFind the grove at the center of Whisper Hollow
Getting StartedGo to the eastern shore and fire the yellow cannonInvestigate the center of the Shattered Cavern
Linden Realms Portal ParkLinden Realms WikiList of Locations
List of QuestsMoles on the BeachMud Monsters?
Navigate down to the bottom of Devil's Canyon, near the water's edgeObstaclesOrange Cannon
Return to Tyrah's Workshop and use the crafting platform to make a flareReturn to Tyrah's Workshop to share your findingsRock Monster
Rock Monster GrottoShattered CavernsShipwreck
Sun SpireToxic WaterTroubleshooting the Game HUD
TyrahWalk the docks at Dark Moon BayWhere are the Rules
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